Version 1.1 Now Available!

Hey all, we've released the first major update for Enhanced Edition! Thank you all for reporting the bugs you found, and for being patient over the last couple weeks while we've been working on fixing them.

Here's the full list of changes:


-Fixed light and shadow layers - map lighting should be waaay more enjoyable now
-Fixed misc. impassable tiles
-Fixed misc. missing tiles
-Fixed misc. map teleporters resulting in a stuck spot
-Stepping on the teleporter at the end of the Arei obstacle course now teleports you instead of needing to press OK
-Fixed issue with Adrian disappearing in the Hunting Range
-The screen now properly resets to its original position after screen shakes complete
-Fixed battle music in Holy Land after teleporting there
-Fixed battle music in East Dian's Gulley
-Fixed battle music after fighting the star witch
-Fixed old man NPC quest conditions in Temple Orlian
-Fixed vendor nun in Orlian Temple basement after completing ghost busters quest
-Fixed a stuck spot in the outdoor area of the Cave of Life
-The apple toss mini-game will get slightly easier if you fail it multiple times
-Fixed player double sprite after the Ziam battle
-Fixed the Talani vendor icon in Eldrinor
-Fixed Lita and Adrian overlap on bridge outside of Aloria
-Fixed potential event command weirdness in the intro


-Fixed issue with turning in bounties without ever receiving the quest
-Fixed issue where the Bunny Girl Bandit quest would never complete. **For anyone with this issue, talk to the bounty collector in Aloria to have it get completed**
-The apothecary no longer steals all of your wasp wings


-Added the ability to change the highlight color via the settings menu. This won't properly take effect on the title screen.. just ignore that please!
-When pixel perfect mode is off and the screen is wider than 16:9, the game will now fill the entire height of the screen and will set the width to whatever the corresponding value should be in order to be 16:9. If this causes anyone to see seams, you can turn pixel perfect mode back on!


-Added a new "Fast Battle Animations" option in the video settings that doubles the speed of attack and skill animations in battle
-The player icons now appear above the ult bar instead of below it
-The ult bar now charges at the end of the round instead of the beginning (this includes when combat ends!)
-The anticipation enchantment works now
-The "Might of the Abyss" achievement can now be unlocked when the difficulty is set to story mode (but the story mode ability won't unlock it!)
-The game will no longer hang on a black screen occasionally after combat ends
-Fixed the text position of skills being used by fire sprites in the Holy Land


-Lita's Holy Strength augmentation for the Elven Focus skill now properly adds to physical damage as well as magical
-The AoE version of Lita's charged shot no longer occasionally skips over enemies


-Added the game version number to the title screen
-Updated some dialogue text
-Vendors now reset when they're supposed to

<3 The Stegosoft Team


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May 11, 2020

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