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First time I played this was on the  Playstation. I loved everyone minute of this game as well as the music too! Actually listening to the sound track now. 

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Are there any active plans to release 1.1.0 here as well?


Bumping this. I prefer buying on Itch but not if updates are only on other stores.

Does this purchase also come with Steam or GOG keys?

Hi there, Zed64K. It doesn't come with keys for the other platforms. Just the stand-alone game files

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I bought this here recently (for Mac), but I am having multiple troubles just getting through the options and main menu. I can't escape the Controls section of the options menu even when I press Escape (as the menu tells me to). I can't enter the Video section of the options menu, nothing happens when I try to. And when I try to start a new file, the game just goes black and freezes after attempting to load for a bit. I can't even play the game. (Additionally, having tried all of this repeatedly without success, I am frustrated that I'm hit with several bright flashes of light each time before I can even get to the accessibility options menu to turn those down.) I am very disheartened and I don't know what to do.

(Edit as of 6 months later: I upgraded to a newer computer with a newer OS and it still doesn't work, same problems. I really don't recommend getting this for Mac.)

Absolutely love this game. Is there another related title? Just curious because it's episode 2.


looks amazing, the animation and transitions looks so smooth! And the vintage colour art style looks amazing! Can't wait to play!

Thanks so much! We hope you love playing it as much as we do =)