Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials 1.1.12 Patch Notes

Got another small update today! Biggest change is a fix for the game not opening properly for some people who had enabled Exclusive Fullscreen mode. This change does mean that players who want to use Exclusive Fullscreen mode (as opposed to Borderless Window Fullscreen, the default), will need to re-enable this setting every session for the time being.

1.1.12 Patch Notes:

  • Prevent launching the game in exclusive fullscreen mode (launch in borderless windowed fullscreen instead, which has always been the default). This was permanently breaking some people's ability to play the game after enabling that setting. People who want to run the game in exclusive fullscreen mode will have to adjust that setting every session for the time being, though it was inconsistent whether it was maintained between sessions anyways.
  • Fixed publisher splash video not rendering.
  • Fixed a certain upgrade respawning upon repeat visits to its room.
  • Improved experience for a late game timing-based platforming puzzle. Adjusted timing, added health refills to allow for more repeat attempts, and removed the need to make a tricky throw after the main puzzle is solved just to unlock a shortcut and way out.
  • Improved readablity on the intended way to activate a switch in a late game room.
  • Made spider eye hint indicators in the environment in the late game more visible.

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