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A young girl wakes up in a dimly lit dungeon without any of her memories. Surrounded by horrible, bloodthirsty monsters, she is rescued by a mysterious magician, Beatrice. With Beatrice’s help, the girl goes on a perilous journey to find answers and unlock the secrets of the Lost Ruins.

Engage in Combat

Combat in Lost Ruins can be both strategic and methodical. Slash away at enemies, burn them to a crisp, or even deflect their projectiles back at them. Arm yourself with a variety of swords, axes and other assorted medieval weaponry, and hack monsters to pieces.

Master Spells

For those with an affinity for magic, Lost Ruins allows you to cast a variety of spells through wands, tonics, and scrolls. Burn monsters, freeze bosses, and heal yourself when in danger. Choose what works for your playstyle and make a magic casting character that’s totally your own.

Choose Your Accessories

The world of Lost Ruins is a dangerous one and being armed to the teeth with awesome weaponry is sometimes not enough. That’s where accessories come in. Accessories are unique pieces of equipment with all manner of effects. One accessory might protect you against fire, while another might heal you when you’re poisoned. The right combination of accessories can create different strategic options for your adventure.

Make Use of the Environment

As you explore the depths of Lost Ruin’s dimly lit dungeons, you will find that while everything around you might bring about your death, you can also use the environment around you to your advantage. Elements within the world will react with other elements realistically. Flammable liquids will be set ablaze when in contact with lit lanterns. Ice magic will freeze bodies of water, making them dangerously cold. The more you understand the environment and how to use it to your advantage, the more dangerous you will become.

Main Character

A young school girl who wakes up in a dangerous underground maze with no memory of her past. Desperate to find answers to who she is and how she ended up in this place, she begins exploring the ruins.


A mysterious woman with incredible magical ability, Beatrice acts as the main character's guide through the lost ruins. She seems to be hiding something, however.

Goblin Merchant

This helpful little guy works for Beatrice, and appears throughout the game to assist the main character.

Sora & Mingie

These two girls aren't just zombies, they're also big fans of pop music idols, evidenced by the glow sticks they carry wherever they go.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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By any chance does it incld. a demo :)


Can we have Mac and Linux Versions on Itch.io?

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Would it be possible to buy/download the OST somewhere ?

Sometimes I boot up the game only to let the menu theme play in loop haha

Each time I hear it I have such nostalgy, I feel like completing it in hardcore all over again x3

is it strictly combat gameplay?

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I love this game,

One of my favorite forever 👌

I just started this game and it's so fun!!!
Hopefully I can manage to make it to the end, I'm usually pretty bad at beating challenging games but the art is carrying me through.

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I've been playing through this as well. I'm 75% through according to the save file and while it is one of the harder and more punishing 2d games I've played... I've really enjoyed it.

The combat is very much a focus of the game over exploration or movement and is incredibly punishing and although it's not very deep mechanically, it's INCREDIBLY deep strategically.

This game is quite good overall. If I'm honest, far better than I expected.


The main character's real name should be Dorothy.


Oi pode trazer uma versão para Android?? Por favor 🙏 o jogo é incrível 😍


This game looks incredible, I am a Mac guy but I might have to get a PC for this.  It would be amazing if this was released on the Xbox Series consoles.  

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You could try running it with wine, I have linux and i use wine and it runs perfectly. Also the steam version has native Mac and Linux support

Thank you for the suggestion, I didn't know there was a native Mac version on steam!!  So this should also be able to run on the up coming steam handheld?

100%. The Steam Deck is literally a portable computer.

댓글창이 개판이네요.. 상당히 매니악한 게임인데도 열심히 만들어서 출시해주셔서 감사합니다!

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Already posted once but no response.
This game requires way too high of specs for what it is.
You don't need lighting f/x and other useless eye candy in a 2D game
but if craploads of special f/x need to be used, at least give us the
option to turn them off so the game is playable on lower end systems.
I'm a sucker for Metroidvanias and would probably love this game but
it seems I won't be playing it unless there's a fix. Disappointing.


What kind of response are you looking for? "Sorry, your PC cant handle the game?" The best solution is to not complain and just ask for a graphics menu instead of making urself out to be a jerk. I'm not surprised no one responded to whatever your last post was on. Behave yourself and get a better PC  :^) 

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What is the point in your insults and instigation?
Obviously you can't read. Throwing more hardware at
something that can be fixed by adding an option is not an
option. I did request a "graphics menu" in my first post,
hence the second post. wtf?
Why bother skimming posts just to attempt to troll and
spew insults which resolve nothing and only cause
confusion and conflict?


Oh no... he is unaware of how he comes off to others. Read my other post and get some help.

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stop being so mean bro. look at yourself, your just throwing boxes at a guy  asking for help. please stop..


He came across to me as simply asking for some graphics options. How sensitive are you?


"make more money you worthless peasant"  Lol


Another game with a reliance on anime girls instead of mechanics :pensive:


I have an bug in Catacombs, where an purple plataform don't appear

Does anyone know if I can play this on a Retroid Pocket 2? Or any other emulator device? I will buy this regardless but I just wanted to see if I could easily put it on there


Unless you can find a Windows emulator for it, the answer's probably going to be no.

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The game is unplayably slow on my Vostro 2510 which plays games
such as the new Astalon: Tears of the Earth, Cyber Shadow,
Alwa's Adventure, Alwa's Legacy, Dolphin emulator and others great.
Both LINUX and WINDOWS versions crawl unplayably slow.
It plays on my desktop but that's a 16GIG i5 with a GTX 1060!
I do most of my gaming on my laptop as I prefer 2D games with
good playability over 3D games that look good but play awful.
There's no reason this game should require such high end specs,
it's only a 2D metroidvania. I have it set to 960x540 and Render
Mode to LOW but I can see there are still lighting effects and other 
things which, if turned off, probably would enable me to play it.
Is there anything that can be done to speed it up?
What about a low-end mode that let's us toggle f/x and
other things which could cause lag on & off?


Found out what you were crying about above in the comments section. Yea you sound like a butthead on this post. 

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If you don't have anything constructive to say, stfu.
You're trying to hijack my narrative and spin it so it
appears I'm sencelessly complaining when I'm simply
requesting an option to turn lighting and other f/x
OFF be added. If you read what I wrote, you wouldn't
ask what response I'm looking for because you would
understand the answer is an "F/X ON/OFF" option.
By painting my request in negative light, you are trolling
and causing confusion. What is wrong with people like you?


You made my case for me. I don't need to "hijack" anything lol. Take a deep breath, walk away and come back a couple of days later and read what you wrote. You're toxic as all heck.


From what I can tell, MENTD was making a perfectly reasonable case and criticism to this game in the above comment. Just because the feedback isn't glowingly positive doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this is constructive criticism for the dev. The only butt in this thread is you tbh.

Tho I must admit that in the latest comments, MENTD has become increasingly more irate. My advice for them would be to give up on this until the dev actually bothers responding as the fix they're asking for may very well take a while.


Would it be possible to provide a Steam/GOG link if I purchase the game here?

I would like to support developers on itch.io, but I also like having achievements, being able to write reviews and using other features that such platforms offer (Steam Workshop, interacting with the community, etc.).

Thank you.



The graphics are crisp and new and the characters are cute


Great game, got it on Steam. I did enjoy every one of the different modes it offered. Do you want to expand the game at some point with a DLC or Addon? Would be great :)


This game is textbook definition of “stunning”. Visually, it looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to play it for myself!


part 2? sequel? prequel? this game is awesome, i hope we get to see more.

Me too ! I don't think the devs were betting much on this one but it worked amazingly and is still in the top listed when searching for these genre in any site.

I don't think a sequel will happen tho but we can hope !!

the boss mode is pretty much a prequel right?

It's actually more of a sequel but I can't tell more as it would be spoilers x3


are you planning to make a discount or lower the price? is that I live in Brazil and the dollar is very high, and I'm also short of money :(


i second this! steam helps a bunch with good pricing for many countries, hope the devs consider releasing on steam too


It is on Steam


Cool game.


That pixel art though <3




Are you going to put the Linux version up here too?


Right now we're focused on bug fixes, but we'll keep these in mind going forward. Thank you.


Any updates on the Linux version?  I see they're up on Steam and GOG, but not Itch.io.

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There seems to be a problem using Bluetooth controllers where it will intermittently stop working and start working again.

I'm using the Xbox wireless controller with new batteries and I tested other games and this doesn't happen.  Sorry if this isn't the right venue but please check into this.

Update:  after doing some research it seems that when using the Nvidia  graphics processor it can cause some sort of a resource issue.  I choose to use the Intel processor through the graphics setting in windows and now the controller works no problems as of yet.  Hopefully this issue can still be resolved as I would rather use my Nvidia graphics processor. 


Thanks so much for reporting this and for letting us know the solution you discovered. Someone else had a similar question on the Steam forums and this helps a lot. Hope you're enjoying the game!

Much appreciate the response.  I am enjoying the game  it is definitely a change of pace from the normal metroidvania experience.  I think people jumping in will either be excited or frustrated at the pacing but I'm looking forward to how it works out.


Are there any plans to bring the Linux version to Itch.io ?

Deleted 2 years ago

Right now we're focused on bug fixes, but we'll keep these in mind going forward. Thank you.

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Why did u delete his post?

it wasnt even bad whats ur problem


Hi there. Thanks for waiting while I double check with other members of the team. We didn't delete that post, so I expect the original post did so themselves. We're not heavy handed at all on comment posting, if that was your concern.