Minoria version 1.06 Updates

Hello everyone,

We've updated Minoria to version 1.06 with some changes/adjustments.
They are as follows:

:minocandles: Version 1.06 :minocandles:

- Reduced the width of the contact hitbox from the Church/Garden minibosses, making it easier to dodge through their bodies.

- Increased the amount of time (from 16 frames to 45 frames) required to charge the special attacks Heavy Thrust / Cross Slash. This change is based on the feedback we got from players who said the attack came off too quickly and would "misfire".

- Increased the amount of stun damage dealt by parrying special enemies (bosses/some minibosses) from 10% to 30% of their maximum stun resistance.

- Enabled the parry counter against two enemies whose attacks could only be parried, but not countered: the sword-wielding Knight and the curved sword-wielding Witch Sproutling (that's the small enemy with the red shotel-looking weapon).

- Added a new extra subtle effect to the main character's landing animations.

- Fixed the Persephone weapon name not showing up in the inventory for the Simplified Chinese language.

- Fixed the disappearance of the huge Crystallized Ink Flower once you had attacked it.


Minoria Itchio build 106.zip 322 MB
Oct 08, 2019

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