Minoria version 1.042 Updates

Version 1.042

- Fixed an issue that would prevent player progress related to the miniboss fight before the Snakeroot Garden area.

Version 1.04
- Added River Incense (+5% defense) to the list of incenses Almu can sell.
- Fixed a softlock that could occur during the miniboss fight before the Snakeroot Garden area.
- Also fixed an unintended situation where the fight above would end whenever the second miniboss was defeated, regardless if the first was alive or not.
- Fixed some small issues in the English text and German translation.
- Fixed a rare issue where some cells would mysteriously disappear while still retaining their collision properties.
- Fixed an issue where some dialogues could act up on player physics.
- Fixed an issue where player buffs (eg: Astral/Blood Incenses) would display on top of black screens in certain cutscenes.


minoria itchio build 1042.zip 320 MB
Sep 11, 2019

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