Minoria version 1.07 Updates

Hello everyone!

We've released a new patch to Minoria, aiming to improve some aspects of the game. The changes are the following:

Version 1.07 patch notes
- The full "options" menu now is accessible from the title screen, including the menus to change the game's controls.
- Several changes to Frikka's boss fight: she has a more obvious "warning" effect before her slash attack. The slash animation is also much slower than it used to be, and she has a larger recovery period before she moves onto a different attack.
- Made the basic effect for "incoming enemy attack" more visible.
- Doubled the base damage dealt by the White Incense's projectile.
- Increased the healing properties of Fee's Blessed Incense from 5% to 10% of your maximum HP.
- Increased the frame window in which you can parry an enemy attack.
- Increased the damage dealt by the parry's counter.
- Increased the amount of damage dealt to enemies when they are in a stunned state. The value was increased from a x1.2 multiplier to x1.5.
- Increased the amount of damage dealt to enemies when they are in a counter state (when they receive damage during their attack animations). The value was increased from a x1.1 multiplier to x1.2. This multiplier is also applied to the amount of "stun" damage an enemy receives per hit.
- Increased the amount of experience earned when doing an "Overkill" (when your attack does more damage than twice the enemy's maximum health) on an enemy. The value was increased from a x2 multiplier to x3.

This is all for now. Thank you very much for the support and see you next time!


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