Bug Fables Build Update: 1.0.1 Notes

Hey everyone, thanks for the amazing first week! Build 1.0.1 is live and it fixes a lot of...bugs.

Most importantly, Softlocks related to Gen&Eri's quest, the Chapter title cards and the Bandit Hideout have been fixed!

*Please unzip the new build into your previous Bug Fables folder and overwrite files to apply the update*

The full list is:

!!!The following glitch has been fixed as of this post's editing, please redownload 1.0.1 if you find the following issue!!!

+Fixed softlock related to throwable items

+Added 1440p resolution setting.
+Added a failsafe to ice cubes that shall break them if they are in the player's respawn point after falling in a pit/spikes.
+Added a cuttable grass near where Tod's ball is so it is a bit easier to find it.
+Hurricane Toss' key help in default mash mode now goes slower to show the proper timing.
+It is now possible to hold the overworld action button to perform the tap action before you have unlocked the hold skills.
+Spy Cards discovery now unlocks after any game instead of only after beating Carmina in a real match.
+Changed Psicorps to only do the fakeout attack in hard mode.
+Changed delayed projetile attacks to not happen if all enemies are dead (should fix weird softlocks in Devourer's fight and make things a bit easier in general).
+Fixed Icefall's cursor not showing in some enemies (like Spider when it is hanging up).
+Fixed issue where sometimes the guard near the gate outside of the association would not spawn.
+Fixed some item descriptions not matching the effects completely.
+Fixed issue where some stat medals would break some stats on battle retry.
+Fixed being able to select underground enemies with attack items.
+Fixed level up music not stopping in some sections in Chapter 7.
+Fixed softlock if you have a follower during Gen and Eri's quest (like Leby).
+Fixed softlock if you had no items in a segment in Chapter 4 where they get stolen and then get those items back later.
+Fixed softlock at the end of battle and at chapter title cards if your volume setting is set to 0.
+Fixed softlock in Spy Cards when picking your cards sometimes.
+Fixed being able to cancel out of the retry menu.
+Fixed Flowering card effect in Spy Cards.
+Fixed issue with frostbite on underground enemies causing the sprites to disappear.
+Fixed some graphical issues with the final boss in rematches.
+Fixed 3D outline option making some objects completely black when set to OFF.
+Fixed Hard Charge's text becoming red when you don't have TP despite using HP to use it.
+Fixes to some text overflows in english and japanese.
+Tweaked Needle Toss's trajectory and detection a bit, should be easier to hit enemies now.
+Tweaked a respawn point in the Chapter 3 dungeon.
+Tweaked a respawn point in the sand pit area in the Lost Sands.
+Tweaked a respawn point in an optional dungeon.
+Tweaked/Added some props in Snakemouth Den and the Chapter 6 dungeon to make them less empty.
+Tweaked an ice puzzle in Snakemouth Den to be simpler.
+Many general tweaks to some colliders and props.
+Typo fixes in english and japanese.


Bug Fables Itch 1.0.1.zip 186 MB
Nov 26, 2019
Bug Fables Demov0.4.5h.zip 41 MB
Nov 21, 2019

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