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Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an Adventure RPG following three heroes, Vi, Kabbu, and Leif, as they embark on an epic quest in Bugaria in search of The Everlasting Sapling, a treasure that can grant immortality! The game combines colorful platforming with the heroes' unique abilities as they explore a wide variety of areas in the kingdom. The turn-based battles make use of Action Commands that can power up your attacks!

Hidden within the foliage of nature lies a small but prosperous continent - Bugaria. Insects from all over the world travel to it in search of the treasure scattered across it. The most sought after of these relics is The Everlasting Sapling! Eating just one of its leaves can grant even immortality! In search of this ancient artifact, a brave team of explorers - Vi, Kabbu, and Leif - will travel across many different environments. In order to do so, they must work together to clear puzzles, defeat strong enemies and help the general bug populace!


  • Seven lush chapters of story following the heroes across Bugaria!
  • Traverse vast overworlds that transition into turn-based combat! Use action commands with Vi's Beemerang, Leif's Ice Magic, or Kabbu's Horn to make attacks more effective or block enemy attacks! Turn the tide of battle with the Turn Relay feature to exploit enemy weaknesses with the power of teamwork!
  • Explore unique areas including: The Ant Kingdom, the treacherous Snakemouth Den, the picturesque Golden Hills, The Lost Sands, and Vi's home, the Bee Kingdom!
  • Utilize a cooking system to turn ingredients into items that can help you in battle!
  • Engage in a Tattle System that lets you hear your party interact with each other as they discover all the secrets Bugaria has in store!
  • Over 30 sidequests and 15 optional bosses!

Developed by Moonsprout Games

Published by DANGEN Entertainment



Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Wasn't this on Kickstarter? I was looking for the page but can't find it.

Also I heard there was an artbook. Is that going to be available to everyone?

I bought and played the game on the Switch and I have to tell you I am so grateful.  This is hands down the greatest Paper Mario style game.  Its an evolution of Paper Mario 1 that no one could have expected.  It was created so faithfully but its also unique where it counts.  I love the direction, the characters, the world, and by Venus the combat system!  Its amazing!

I played through it all on hard mode and it was quite tough especially around the middle, but then I messed around with the medals and came up with some really killer combinations.  I've completed just about every challenge and it took me 50 hours.  I would happily play through it again, and am recommending it to anyone who has hope for Origami King.

A note for the switch version: I experienced one crash (no progress was lost as I had just saved), some slowdown in certain towns and areas later on.  It would be nice if that could be touched up.  I did struggle with controls a bit because of the Joy-cons poor analogue stick and the Pro controller's poor d-pad, but that's on Nintendo.  I played version 1.0.5 on a revised Switch with firmware 10.0.4.

I'm just so damn happy with this game.  Amazing work,  I'll be watching and waiting for your next project, whatever it is!

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I bought this on my Switch the day the pre-purchase was available (5-14). I don't use my PC for games so was waiting for the console release. Seriously, thank you for this masterpiece. I'm only just getting to chapter 3 as I'm taking my time to savor the game as much as possible. 

I've waited since 2004 for a new, proper Paper Mario game to be announced. 16 years and knowing in my heart it will never happen, that Intelligent Systems has moved on and changed their definition of Paper Mario. 

Then out of the woodwork, about a year ago I hear about this indie game. I watched the trailer and knew that finally someone understands what made those first two games so great and someone decided to make what the first party developers have no interest in making anymore. 

I can't express just how much this game means to me. I will be following your studio very intently. You've made an instant classic.

And for the record, the game really is fantastic and not just because it can be compared to Paper Mario. The world design, characters and dialogue are all very well done. It looks amazing and the soundtrack is great. All around this really is an incredible work of art.

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Is bandcamp the only place to get the soundtrack? Would you ever upload it to Itch, GOG, and Steam? I got the GOG version of the game recently since it was on sale for $15.99


The game is currently on sale for $15.99 on Steam. Can we get it on sale here on itch as well?


Hello! I purchased the game, but cannot download the game from itch.io launcher. I just seem to get the demo only. Would you please help?

Is this compatible with Wine on MacOS?


Can you upload a log of the 1.0.2 patch notes?

Sorry about that! They're up alongside 1.0.3's notes!



Looking forward to this game's release on GoG!


This is a fantastic homage to the Paper Mario series, and anyone that enjoys those games should give this a shot. The tone, writing, aeathetic, and combat are all here (with added things of course). If you've been waiting since the TTYD or Super Paper Mario for a proper sequel: look no further.