Bug Fables Build Update: 1.0.4 Notes

Hey everyone, we're back at it! As the issues get ironed out, the patch notes get shorter... But we hope these improve the experience even more! 

--1.0.4--+Added arrows inside of ice cubes and rocks when getting near them with Kabbu to show the direction they will go when hit!

+Fixed issue with Devourer's HP bar again.
+Fixed analog sensitivity in menus.
+Fixed issue with superblocks not blocking status effects in party wide attacks in an extra mode.
+Fixed Flowering card effect.
+Fixed issue with audiences sprites in some rooms after battles.
+Fixed issue when using frost relay in Kali's fight.
+Changed one of the Spy Card Master's deck's minibosses.
+Zasp (in chapter 3's Hive) and Reeves will always properly face the part now when spoken to.
+Squash now properly heals TP for 3 turns, instead of 2.
+Some more minor fixes.
+Typo fixes.


Bug Fables Itch 1.0.4.zip 186 MB
Jan 07, 2020

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