Bug Fables Build Update: 1.0.2 Notes

Hey everyone, thanks for helping us go strong all of November! Patch 1.0.2 is live, and we're hoping it makes your experience even better!

Most importantly, Softlocks related to a spoilery ally and a big Heavy Strike Glitch have been fixed!

A 32-bit depot has also been added!

The full list is:

+Added save file backups that are generated in the game's main folder, also changed how saving is done internally to hopefully fix the save crashes.

+Added a hint when you're in the right room for Madeleine's second quest.
+Fixed an issue with a post game battle with more than 4 enemies and AI partners.
+Fixed being able to use key items during retry menu.
+Fixed Heavy Strike and Needle Pincer hitting the wrong enemy if there is a flying/undergrund enemy before a grounded one.
+Fixed issues with geisers in the Chapter 3 dungeon.
+Fixed issue where the level up theme would keep playing after leveling up in the event battles in Chapter 7.
+Fixed Hurricane Toss' damage with sequential keys mash type.
+Fixed weird respawning when falling into a hole in the mini-dungeon of Chapter 4.
+Fixed visual glitch with shield in the scripted part of the Chapter 5's boss' fight.
+Fixed using 2 stopping status items in the same character allowing them to move with the status.
+Fixed rolling rocks sound not stopping after turning them off in Chapter 6's dungeon.
+Fixed items in termite microwave not showing when the door closes.
+Fixed wrong recipes unlocking in logbook when cooking using the termite microwave sometimes.
+Fixed some issues with respawnable enemies losing behavior/falling through the floor.
+Fixed one of Power and Defense Exchanges being replaced with HP and TP Plus in Mystery Mode.
+Fixed a note in termite city disappearing if you picked a Lore Book near it.
+Fixed Devourer HP bar position.
+Fixed a softlock in the Devourer fight if it is killed at the same time as an add while it has eaten a party member.
+Fixed a softlock when checking a discovery in the Chapter 6 after some events.
+Fixed a softlock if you died in battle with volume set to 0.
+Fixed a softlock if entering the wizard tower with a NPC follower.
+Fixed a softlock caused if the party is killed by a roulette attack from an optional boss.
+Fixed a softlock when killing the Lost Sands' bounty boss' tail at the same time as its adds in the same turn.
+Tweaked a hole that you can fall into in the Far Grasslands to be more visible.
+Tweaked a respawn point in the Forsaken Lands' mushroom maze room.
+Tweaked a respawn point in the Lost Sands' sand pit room.
+Tweaked a lore book hint from the fortune teller.
+Tweaked issues with NPC followers in a post game quest.
+Tweaked Needle Toss damage (should deal a bit more damage).
+Tweaked Cleanse cost from 3 to 2 TP.
+Tweaked Cleanse description a bit to make it more clear what effects it doesn't work on.
+Tweaked final boss' add summoning to be less obnoxious.
+Tweaked some status items to recover more (Ice Cream, Poison Cake, Drowsy Cake, Shock Berry, Honey Ice Cream, Frost Pie).
+Tweaked Dark Cherry recipes selling price a bit.
+Tweaked ice cube sliding movement in monitors above 60hz with vSync on.
+Tweaked Mash Key action command, should work properly on monitors with more than 60hz with vSync on.
+Tweaked False Monarch's attacks a bit in hard mode.
+Tweaked the crank near the windmill in Golden Settlement to slow down faster so it makes it more obvious it needs a different skill to spin it.
+Tweaked exp from Chapter 6's enemies a bit.
+Tweaked some colliders.
+Reduced HP from Tidal Wyrm's tail a bit.
+Reduced EXP earned from B.O.S.S.
+Reduced EXP from the enemies Peacock Spider summons.
+Removed piercing property from enemy attacks.
+Removed chance for Golden Seedlings to spawn from respawnable enemies.
+Changed the interact icon from ! to ? to make it easier to differentiate from the horn icon.
+Made Resist All also protect against item status effects.
+Some smaller tweaks and fixes.
+Typo fixes in english.

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