Bug Fables Build Update: 1.0.3b Notes

Hey everyone, hope everyone's getting cozy and ready for the holidays! Patch 1.0.3 is live. We've fixed a few lingering softlocks, sped up skipping text and buffed some things!

We'll be going on holiday soon too, so we hope these changes are a nice present! Here's to an awesome 2020!

The full list is:

+Added an analog sensitivity setting. Try until it fits you best!
+Tweaked directions for field actions to default to the direction the player is facing after about 2 seconds instead of being towards the last direction walked towards. This should be most notable with the Beemerang!
+Added option to the medal shops to reroll the current selection.
+Added some more save points in the Chapter 6 dungeon.
+Added sound when the Beemerang hits a wall.
+Added the option to exit to main menu again from the file naming screen (in the confirmation "is X ok?" dialogue).
+Added a shroom in an area near the final boss to make it easier to tell you can go there. 
+Fly Drop deals more damage now.
+Added blinking frames to the party.
+Added some more medal hints to the fortune teller.
+Added ability to move slowly using analog.
+Added a stick bridge before the Strong Start medal.
+Fixed enemy stats in bestiary not showing correctly if with the extra hard mode.
+Fixed graphical issue if you fly as a follower falls into a hazard.
+Fixed issue where the wrong recipe would unlock in Crisbee's quest.
+Fixed issue in Chapter 6's boss fight that would cause the screen to shake constantly even after battle if you kill it at the same time as an add.
+Fixed some UI stuff getting stuck after battle when beating some bosses (like the exp counter or HP/TP Buzz medal counters).
+Fixed Frozen Drill and some other skills hitting the wrong enemy (same issue as Heavy Strike in old patch).
+Fixed issue in japanese where you wouldn't get tokens from the Termacade.
+Fixed an issue with the grass in the first room in Snakemouth Den dropping crystal berries when they aren't supposed to.
+Fixed longleg summoner using charges.
+Fixed Devourer dying by itself if it kills the eaten party member.
+Fixed Spy Cards tournament matches being able to use cards from enemies you haven't seen yet.
+Fixed card that turns into a random miniboss not working sometimes in Spy Cards.
+Fixed losing a post game quest from the list if you reloaded your file after the automatic save prompt after the credits.
+Fixed x2 icon not showing up if you retry a battle with Strong Start.
+Fixed "Do Nothing" medals not working on the first turn in a battle if you used them in a previous battle.
+Fixed shield not disabling after being eaten by Devourer until the end of the turn.
+Fixed a secret boss not using one of its attacks.
+Fixed Mothiva's kick not counting as physical attack sometimes.
+Fixed a wall in Golden Path that could lead to out of bounds.
+Fixed chefs taking more than one item for their quests.
+Fixed softlocks if you did B.O.S.S. and Cave of Trials with no items.
+Fixed softlock if you approach Snakemouth with volume 0.
+Fixed softlock if using an abombnation to kill the party and all enemies at the same time.
+Fixed softlock if you checked the middle house in the commercial area's event with a NPC follower but missing someone else.
+Fixed softlock if all party members die while the Chapter 3 Dungeon's miniboss is doing the multi hit move.
+Fixed softlock if you defeat the final boss while you have Mun or other NPC followers in Ant City.
+Tweaked NPC follower teleport a bit (should work more often).
+Tweaked the damage formula for Vi's multi hit skills a bit (should deal more damage at high base attack).
+Tweaked CRT effect in the arcade minigames.
+Tweaked a gate in the Chapter 6 dungeon to make the things behind it more visible.
+Tweaked enemy freeze resistance when frozen too often in battle (will get harder to do so).
+Tweaked path failsafe for party + followers (from 10 seconds to 5).
+Tweaked Hurricane Toss' mash command to be easier.
+Tweaked items to not disappear anymore when they fall on spikes (they may respawn if they fall off the map).
+Tweaked berry loss from fleeing from powerful enemies to be less severe.
+Tweaked Mothiva's behavior to not revive Zasp while taunted.
+Tweaked Zasp and Mothiva to be more vulnerable to sleep.
+Tweaked crystal switches to be more visible.
+Tweaked Flower Journey minigame to give points when you dodge a wasp but still being close to it, also increased points you get for each gate from 10 to 15.
+Tweaked required high score for Flower Journey (from 5000 to 4500).
+Tweaked Ancient Pressure Plates a bit (should be easier to hit).
+Tweaked Vi's stash to heal half of what it is supposed to if she has Life Cast.
+Tweaked Heal Plus to synergize with Vi's stash.
+Tweaked bomb items damage and range (should deal more damage and affect more enemies).
+Tweaked Needle Pincer's damage (should deal the same as the first hit on the second).
+Tweaked Icefall's range a little bit (should be a big bigger).
+Tweaked EXP Boost (increases by 50% instead of 25%).
+Tweaked speed when holding B to auto skip text (should be faster).
+Tweaked some entities teleport timers.
+Tweaked a secret mode.
+Tweaked EXP Booster to work with a secret mode.
+Tweaked geyser volume (should be lower).
+Tweaked icefall, ice rain and under strike to work against the Chapter 2 boss when it flies upwards.
+Tweaked some colliders.
+Tweaked some enemy attacks/stats.
+Further tweaks to removal of enemy piercing.
+Swapped locations for Seedling Afinity and Miracle Matter medals (if your save file has one but not the other it will be swapped around and unequipped).
+Removed requirement for one of the Card Masters.
+Reward for having seen 5 discoveries is now 20 berries.
+Many more smaller tweaks and fixes.
+Typo fixes in english.

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