Minoria version 1.01 Updates

*To apply the update, unzip the new build into your Minoria directory and overwrite files.

From the developer:

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the crashes/hangs some of you have encountered. The team is currently working to fix them. It is my goal to have these issues completely gone as soon as possible. If you have been facing any crashes or hangs, please read down below where it says "Beta branch". We have a potential fix for you which will hopefully work!Meanwhile, we were able to fix in some other small things. To receive the updates, please restart your Steam client.Main branch, version 1.01 changes:
- Reduced the volume of Sister Semilla's death sound
- Attempted to fix an issue where the player would remain invisible after a successful parry
- Fixed a couple of unintended story sequence breaks
- Made it so one button prompt in a late game area only appears after you've acquired the necessary upgrade
- Fixed a minor issue in the Spanish translationBeta branch:
- We've uploaded an experimental build with a possible solution for the crashes/hangs. If you are experiencing one of those, please try this Beta build and tell us if the problems are fixed. Our apologies for the issues existing in the first place, we are trying to get them fixed ASAP.
Please restart your Steam then follow these steps:
Right mouse click the game's name -> Properties -> Betas -> then select the beta testing branch to redownload the new version.Traditional 

Once again, I'm sorry for the current issues. I hope this patch will address them successfully. I've also made a thread on the Steam forums documenting these patches. We will keep working to improve any bugs and issues that are found.Until next time!

為了正在遭遇遊戲崩潰的玩家,我們發佈了一個實驗性的測試分支版,希望能夠修復您遇到的問題。請重新啓動 Steam,然後按照以下步驟下載測試分支版:
【右點遊戲名稱 -> 內容 -> 測試】然後選擇測試分支版 (beta- Beta testing branch),重新下載遊戲。

Simplified Chinese:
为了正在遭遇游戏崩溃的玩家,我们发布了一个实验性的测试分支版,希望能够修复您遇到的问题。请重新启动 Steam,然后按照以下步骤下载测试分支版:
【右点游戏名称 -> 属性 -> 测试】然后选择测试分支版 (beta - Beta testing branch),重新下载游戏。


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Aug 29, 2019

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