Minoria version 1.02 Updates

*To apply the update, unzip the new build into your Minoria directory and overwrite files.

From the developer:

Hello everyone,

I've pushed a new patch for Minoria. This patch aims to improve player experience based on the feedback and bug reports we've received. The changes are detailed below. As usual, please restart your Steam client to receive the updates.
We are also continuously updating the Beta branch of the game here on Steam with potential solutions for crashes/hangs that some players are having. I'd appreciate if those who have seen those issues could report back on the new patch changes and confirm whether or not the patch has successfully solved the problem. Thank you very much in advance.

Once again, my apologies for any game breaking issues you might be facing, and thank you for reporting those (and any other issues) to the discussion forums.

See you next time, cheers!

Minoria version 1.02 patch notes:

Reduced contact damage from enemies.
Fixed issues in the Simplified Chinese, French and Russian translations.
Fixed crouch animation when you jump and crouch at the same time.
Fixed Silver Coin counter disappearing when you equip an item in the items menu.
Fixed an issue where the pause menu and player death animation could occur on the same frame.
Fixed an issue where the Steam interface would only display a new achievement when the game was closed.
Fixed an issue related to enemies dying out of bounds.
Fixed an issue related to Archive #29 respawning in NG+.
Fixed (?) an issue where attacking when entering a cutscene would sometimes cause the player to move very, very fast.
Other misc. fixes to prevent crashes.


minoria itchio build 102.zip 319 MB
Aug 29, 2019

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