Minoria version 1.03 Updates

*To apply the update, please unzip and overwrite the files in your Minoria directory

From the developer:

Hello everyone,

This post details a new update to the game. It was aimed at fixing issues and improving the game in general.Version 1.03 changes:

- Added 2 seconds of invincibility to the end of the following actions: Parry counter and Cross Slash. This change aims to prevent the player from executing those actions and then being immediately punished by an approaching enemy.
- Added a new type of white flashing indicator on the player character to signal temporary invincibility. This new change applies to Parry counter, Cross Slash and Calming Sea Incense's actions.
- Spoiler: - Damage dealt to player on subsequent playthroughs (New Game +1, +2...) has been reduced.
- Changed the position of Archive #27 slightly to make it easier to find.
- Fixed some issues in the German, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish translations.
- Fixed missing/wrong characters in Simplified Chinese credits.
- Fixed Archives menu sometimes displaying a blank page under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a possible softlock situation in a screen transition of the Tower of Misery.
- Fixed the softlock that could occur when using a Cross Slash during an elevator descent.
- Fixed the volume of the credits song.As usual we will keep monitoring for issues and try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and support so far.


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Sep 02, 2019

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