Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials 1.1.7 Patch Notes

Hi everybody! We pushed a new patch today, 1.1.7, also including changes from 1.1.6 that were previously on a beta branch. The biggest change is a hotfix for a potential progress blocking bug in the palace.

1.1.7 Patch Notes

  • Added fix for possibility of being permanently stuck on the wrong side of a door in a room in the palace (retroactive fix as well)

1.1.6 Patch Notes

  • Added Exclusive Fullscreen option to video settings. This setting has prevented stutters for at least one player, so you might want to give it a shot if you're experiencing something like that. There seems to be an issue with it currently where sometimes this setting has to be re-enabled after launching the game, we'll be looking into resolving that for the next update.
  • Added a checkpoint right before the 6th boss
  • Added a pungent tree to a room to further telegraph the way to solve a certain late game puzzle
  • Rock slugs now drop more pungent fruit
  • Fixed respawning loot in an optional room in the midgame
  • Fixed Rowr bestiary entry not being unlocked in some cases (retroactive fix as well)
  • Fixed a fortress save room not stopping music

Thanks to everyone who's been playing the game! Stay tuned for a more substantial quality of life update next week :)

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