Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials 1.1.8 Quality of Life Update!

We've got quite a big update for all you barbarians and bats out there today!

There are a number of things people have asked for while playing the game that we've always wanted to support, so we're happy to be able to do that now :)

Brightness Prompt

When starting a new game players will now be prompted to set their brightness setting. This should be helpful for getting players started on the right track for the environment they play the game in, and serves to foreground the fact that a brightness setting exists in Video Settings.

Increased Ambient Lighting Assist

There is now an additional assist in the game to further increase visibility, for players who continue to struggle with it regardless of the brightness setting.

Minimap Size Toggle

Many people have asked for this and we're happy to say you can now increase the size of the minimap via a toggle input. By default it is Right Stick Click on controller and 'M' on keyboard, but you may have to set the mappings manually in Remap Bindings if you've already played the game.

Zoom in/out on Map Menu

Likewise, you can also now zoom the map out in the pause menu :) The default input mappings are the same as for Minimap size toggle above.

Dyslexia-Friendly Font Option (English and Spanish only)

We've added an option to enable a dyslexia-friendly font to Game Settings, for English and Spanish :)

Speedrun Timer

Now that some people have started routing some parts of the game, it's about time we add an in-game timer! It can be enabled in Game Settings.

Speedrun Dialog Mode

There's a lot of dialog in the game, and while that's one of the main appeals, it can get to be a bit much for people speedrunning the game over and over. There is now an option to enable Speedrun Mode in which you can hold Confirm to continue skipping dialog as fast as possible.

Bigger Dialog Text Option

Especially when playing on a TV far away from the couch, some players might have had trouble reading the dialog. There is now an option to increase its font size!

Thank you everyone who's been playing the game!

It's been amazing to see all the feedback from everyone who's been playing. We now have a Very Positive rating on Steam (98% positive reviews!) as well as an 84 on Metacritic! Thanks for enjoying the game and for giving us feedback that helps us make it even better! The full 1.1.8 patch notes are listed below. See you next update!

Full 1.1.8 Patch Notes:

  • Brightness prompt added to the game when starting a new save, allowing players to set their brightness, and call attention to the fact that setting can be changed at any time.
  • Added an Increased Ambient Light assist, to further assist with visibility for those struggling with that aspect.
  • Minimap size toggle input binding.
  • Zoom map in map menu input binding.
  • Added Game Settings option for Dyslexia-Friendly font, for English and Spanish.
  • Added Game Settings option for Bigger Dialog Text.
  • Added Game Settings option for Speedrun Timer.
  • Added Game Settings option for Speedrun Dialog Mode.
  • Increased the max level for the main character in the game by 5 additional levels (these 5 levels will be very difficult to achieve without using the XP-related assist).
  • Reduced "level" of several bosses to prevent getting lots of XP from them when you're already significantly over-leveled.
  • Added a checkpoint before a particular late game boss that was missing one.
  • Added a Confirm input icon to Item and Upgrade pickup menus.
  • Moved second throw tutorial text to be a bit more foregrounded in the room it appears in.
  • Darker backdrop for confirmation popups, and prevent displaying selection indicator on pause screen while a confirmation popup is open to prevent confusion of where your current highlight is.
  • Fixed invisible platforms during a late game boss.
  • Fixed some visual bugs in one of the endings.
  • Fixed being able to jump into a small hole in Mournsalt that should only be for throwing things into.
  • Fixed one of the Ending achievements not unlocking in some cases.
  • Fixed being able to lock yourself behind a door in a late game room.
  • Fixed many Soul Eaters displaying as 'open' when coming back to a room where they've already been completed.
  • Fixed a dialog flow bug when meeting Twigs.
  • Fixed input visual for D-Pad Up on Switch controllers.
  • Some additional very minor level design tweaks.
  • A few minor grammar fixes (in English).

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