Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials 1.1.14 Patch Notes

Hey all, we've got another update for Batbarian today! Biggest thing people might be happy to see is a buff to how quickly Awareness scales some of the properties it affects :) Full patch notes can be found below!

1.1.14 Patch Notes:

  • Buffed the rate at which Awareness affects player stun time, recovery invincibility, and health drop rate. (Vision, throw trajectory distance, and general loot drop rate were not changed and still scale at the same rate they did before.)
  • Fixed enemies sometimes appearing frozen in the Palace.
  • Fixed Gold amount not popping up on the HUD sometimes when standing on a Purchasable.
  • Changed color of Ogre Leader dialog text so that it stands out from sprites in the scene more.
  • Fixed first cutscene looking odd when ambient light assist is enabled.
  • Removed old Russian subtitle from main menu, to align with Russian storefronts, which display the title in English.
  • Fixed enemy type swaps that occur in some early game rooms after a point in the story visually popping in too late.
  • Tweaks on Boss 5 to prevent it from arbitrarily attending to its wounds at odd times.
  • Added max lifespan duration to thrown items to prevent situations where they could be spawned potentially infinitely.
  • Tweaked a room in Forgotten Roots to make it harder to cheese.
  • Fixed secret tiles not disabling their colliders sometimes after being discovered.
  • Fixed Doppelgangers not using correct collider sizes when resetting to their first form after leaving the room and coming back.
  • Grammar fixes.

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